Round Mountain, TX, USA


Dedicated to Winning Off-Road Races.


Our Team of over 30 highly skilled and passionate off-road enthusiasts have years of combined experience.  Most of all: they possess a love for off-road racing, and are committed to winning!

Whether it’s our quick race truck prep and turnaround, our commitment to excellence, or our friendly Texas style it shows throughout our racing endeavors.

The passion and enthusiasm we bring to every race is top notch, and our fans love to see the "War Machine" fly.


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Trophy Truck #26  "The War Machine"

Breaking Ground: Under Construction The New Lighter, Stronger, Faster, Badass Trophy Truck.


For most teams, staying with the norm is within their comfort zone.  However for Reichert it isn't.  We decided to push the limits of design and create a new type of Trophy Truck that weighs about 1500 pounds less than the older more tried and true trucks.  For 2017 a new Trophy Truck will be ready to take on the most gnarly deserts in the world.

With over 455 ci and 840 horse power by Kroyer Racing Engines, the all New "War Machine" will accererate like a rocketship and stops on a dime thanks to Alcon Brakes.   It will cycle over 32" inches of travel thanks to Fox Shox  and runs virtually indestructible BFG KR2 tires.


Winning the BAJA 1000!


Our Mission is to win the BAJA 1000 overall. 

By putting together the most badass equipment money can buy, and applying the over 25 years of off-road racing experience that we have to create a winning  race TEAM.